Growing Up in Faith

Being a preachers daughter may lead one to believe that faith comes easily for them. Although I am currently appreciative towards the comfort of connection to the church, it took every power available to develop a firsthand faith. Rebelling against parents and God appeared to be the only path towards freedom and who I wanted to be. Escaping from the ongoing church activities seemed to be reached only through the rebellious actions of my peers. The moment of failure came with the realization of self-image. Being overweight in the third grade, I was lead to believe that my appearance was full of disgust and despair. Unable to cope with the negative responses, a decision had to be made. Within one summer I was able to shed the undesirable layers that I was once so confident about. Praised by the agony and starvation I encountered, I became encouraged to follow these ways that I had been sheltered from. Being worshiped by the actions I portrayed could not alter the depression and despair that was growing inside. Finally accepting the emptiness I felt inside was when I embraced the purpose of the life I was created for. Growing up in faith allowed for me to understand that I needed the comfort that only God can give me. Disregarding my parents’ faith, I decided to uncover my own. Believing in God and the Bible aids in the truth that I was determined to find. Now, as I have uncovered my purpose, I hope to reach individuals and connect with them as they uncover and embrace the purpose that God has created for them.