Another Time

A friend of my past contacted me today. I was not aware of our previous encounters, though familiarity was present. Thinking back on where I knew this person from, I was disappointed to find that those memories vanished. As a young girl, I had always believed in forgetting past events. I was blind to the knowledge that I could also lose friendships. Grabbing onto my current memories will allow for the self knowledge that I crave. Being able to understand myself more clearly will bring my definite purpose to the surface of my understanding. Allowing myself to hold onto my faintest trials and choices will benefit the person that I am to be in the future. Forgiving the choices and horrors of my past will help me to hold on to the person those choices created. The choices were meant to be made in order for myself to survive. Dwelling on each choice will turn into loss, but embracing each decision will change you into the person you were created to be.