Meaning of Life

Thoughts and ideas are expressed through putting pencil to paper. As I sit in class today, I noticed the behavior of those around me. Allowing my mind to wander freely, I am able to understand my peers and their trials. I look into their eyes and hearts to see cruelty, torment, and destruction. I see the deepest thoughts that are never spoken, nor written down. Looking into their thoughts and minds, I see children; scared and alone- In the grasp of Satan’s hand. Some lights flicker ever so dimly, yet fade to a darkness that only I can see. Through all that is seen, I am frozen in time; unnoticed, observing, and uncovering their thoughts. Class still in session, a shuffling of pages, and the shifting of feet; the lecture still going- but going nowhere. The knowledge is vanished into the air; being unheard. Wisdom is distorted in these minds and individuals; leaving them gasping for truth that is out of their reach. Thoughts and ideas are left in the depths of their minds- buried and unspoken. The meaning of life is in the hearts and minds of us all- We just need to uncover the truth of who we are meant to be.


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